It's a great joy that people want to become Catholic.  There are many reasons and many roads to this decision. 

At present we have a group of 8 people on our Journey in Faith programme. One of the group came to Faith through her husband, another started coming to Church because of her child preparing for First holy Communion.  One of the group got involved in our Ambition Music Project and became more and more interested in the Faith that drives our work. Some in our group were Baptised Catholic or had Catholic parents but were never brought to Church.  All of them in a sense are called by God.


Are you feeling in some way drawn to the Catholic Faith? Why not have a conversation with Fr Andrew or if that feels like a big step have a chat with a friend or take a look at a great new website below 




Having a child Baptised is a big step for a family. we are always delighted when parents want to have their child Baptised. At the Baptism parents commit themselves to bringing their child up in the practise of the Faith. An essential part of practise is coming to Mass and becoming part of the worshipping community. So if you're not already coming to Church that's the first step. Once you make that step we can introduce you to the Baptism team who will give you all the information, support and help you need. If you don't already, start praying with your child, especially if they are still an infant. Help them to grow knowing that Faith is a normal part of becoming a healthy, rounded human being.